These are resources that I use in my day to day teaching of Art and Design. is an invaluable source for art teachers. Jamie Rogers has developed a website that brings conceptual art and independent learning to the classroom. This will take some beating if you haven’t used it already. A big Thankyou to Jamie for all his hard work bringing this site to us.

Students of both Art and Design and Fine Art love to browse these books for inspiration. Hundreds of illustrators offer their work to inspire a range of techniques and unique visual responses from our students.


As popular as Cheese on toast to our students, Outsiders is a compilation of popular contemporary sources from Steve Lazarides.

Pens are our friends has become a real part of our key stage 3 diet in the last couple of years. Mr Burgerman will even retweet your student responses to his work, a real star.

John Kenn Mortensen, the understated king of the humble post it note will keep you awake at night. Younger students may prefer to look away.


What’s not to love about this book, does what it says on the cover. A no nonsense collection of beautifully drawn animals.