As we move away from National Curriculum Levels we look for other ways to support our students understanding of the assessment process. Here I have created an assessment grid which although is still a working document shall help us support our students and parents understand our principles of assessment.


dscf0001This is an example of my marking using post it notes attached to an assessment grid. This grid is stuck into the back of student sketchbooks so they can clearly see where they are in the scheme of assessment. Notes are dated each time a milestone mark is given for a project. When students make improvements to their work it is an easy task to ‘slide’ the post it notes upwards. Students appear to like this interactive marking system.

dscf0006For each project a different colour post it can be used to differentiate between projects. This is a very visual system of marking that my students appear to enjoy . A simple understanding of the 4 assessment objectives is helpful at GCSE so when students begin to design their own schemes they appreciate how to meet the the main requirements.